Our protein bread: a winning choice

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Now available throughout Quebec and soon all over Canada, CrickBread is gaining followers every day. That’s because our cricket powder made product (known as cricket flour too) is not only a delicious sliced bread, but also an alternative to traditional animal proteins.

Some advantages of consuming our cricket powder product:
  • Thanks to protein’s proportion and quality included in CrickBread, our product is labeled as a protein bread, according to the requirements of the CFIA—Canadian Food Inspection Agency—.

What does that mean exactly?

Let’s take one portion, so two slices (80 g) of a whole wheat flour bread, containing seeds: its protein content can vary between 6 and 10 g. These breads, even those with 10 grams of protein, are generally not allowed to name themselves protein breads. Let’s now take two slices (50 gr) of our cricket powder bread (also containing yellow peas, broad beans and oat flour), which provides 7 gr of protein: If our bread gives you only 7 g of protein, why it can be labeled as protein-rich while another one which a portion gives you 10 g can’t? Because the protein rating of CrickBread is higher than 30 (the CFIA requires it to be at least 20) thanks to the cricket powder’s complete proteins, since they contain all the essential amino acids. We’re not talking about the same protein quality or content for the two products.


  • Cricket powder, the star ingredient in our protein bread, provides the amino acids we need for our diet. It’s because of these essential amino acids, especially leucine, that our product contributes to the muscle tissue recovery and growth. It’s, therefore, perfect for those who train and want to develop their muscle mass, as well for people who need to counteract muscle degeneration, such as adults over 50 and flexitarians, who haven’t restrictive diet distinguished by the quality of the food (organic, local) and a limited consumption of meat and fish, as they’re concerned about their health and the environment. In short, leucine stimulates protein synthesis and starts this process in the body to rebuild new muscle tissue, for example, after physical exertion. Also, thanks to the presence of other essential amino acids such as isoleucine and valine (the three of them together form the branched-chain amino acids—BCAA -), the cricket powder benefits related to muscle rebuild, are even more effective.

  • Studies show that cricket powder consumption promotes intestinal health: “Researchers found that consumption of cricket powder led to a significant increase (nearly 6 times) in levels of the probiotic bacterium Bifidobacterium animalis in the colon and was also associated with reduced blood levels of TNF-a, an inflammatory molecule. It therefore appears that cricket consumption may benefit the intestinal microbiome and may reduce systemic inflammation, both positive health effects. ” Richard Béliveau explained in his article published on March 2, 2019, in Le Journal de Québec. The microbial flora recovery is possible through the action of chitin, a considered prebiotic fiber present in crickets and in crustaceans. This stimulates the immune system and contributes to the digestive system proper functioning, both essential to stay healthy.

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