Globe Protein Proud Winner of CTAQ 2019 Food Innovation Award

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On November 28th this year, the Conseil de la transformation alimentaire du Québec (CTAQ) awarded us the 2019 Food Innovation Award in the Bakery and Pastry Products category for our protein sliced bread made with cricket powder: Grillon Le Pain Crickbread.


Why were we chosen?

It’s thanks to our efforts to develop and launch our innovative top-quality product, Grillon Le Pain Crickbread, that we have earned the right to be the winners of this prestigious award in Quebec’s food industry. Offering delicious and healthy baked products that allow you to easily integrate the Crickbread powder nutrients into your daily menu is our main motivation.


Five Reasons to Love Grillon Le Pain Crickbread™:

  1. A unique bread: We’ve created an innovative baked product that stands at the intersection of health and environmental protection, two dear values we hold and that consumers increasingly appreciate. This is a first in mass distribution in Québec and North America!
  2. A protein bread: our bread is one of the few that can be labeled as “protein bread.” To claim that a bread is protein-rich, the CFIA—Canadian Food Inspection Agency—requires that the protein rating, which indicates the protein content and quality, be at least 20. Because of the cricket powder, ours has a rating of over 30.
  3. A nutritious bread: In addition to being a source of complete protein, i.e., containing all essential amino acids, only two slices of our bread meet 100% of our daily vitamin B12 requirements (whereas bread usually doesn’t contain any). As a comparison, to get the same amount of B12 vitamin equivalent, you need to consume more than one kilogram of chicken breasts! Our cricket powder bread is also a source of fiber and contains less sodium than almost all sliced breads found in stores. It’s even low in carbohydrates and saturated fats.
  4. An eco-responsible product: compared to conventional animal husbandry, cricket requires much less water and food and produces fewer greenhouse gases. To give an example, cricket farming generates 100 times less GHGs than beef farming. We also favor buying local ingredients: our yellow peas, fava beans and oatmeal come from Quebec and all the processing is locally done. In addition, our packaging is made of polyethylene No. 4, a type of lightweight plastic that is recyclable by most of the municipalities.
  5. A delicious bread: our cricket powder has a very fine texture, which allows us to mix it easily and homogeneously with other ingredients such as oats and legumes. Its taste is delicate, like roasted nuts. In order to people to adopt it naturally, we have given Grillon Le Pain CrickBread™ a wheat dominant flavor. Its crumb is airy and supple and is firm enough to easily make a tasty sandwich whether toasted or not.


All in all, this original and succulent baked product perfectly meets today’s need to eat more quality protein with the minimum possible impact on the environment.


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