Did you know that cricket powder is a highly nutritious ingredient, very rich in complete proteins, vitamin B12 and iron?


Firmly anchored in the principles and processes of responsible farming, cricket farming uses 2000 times less water, 13 times less farmland and 12 times less food, and in fact generates 100 times less greenhouse gases than cattle breeding.






Caution: People with allergies to shellfish and seafood may have an allergic reaction to cricket.


Cricket powder is also valued for its vitamins, calcium and iron as well as omega-6 and omega-3, thus contributing to the proper functioning of the following systems: cerebral, cardiovascular and hormonal to name a few. Ecological and considered a superfood, cricket powder, the result of farming, roasting and powdering crickets, is the food of the future. Integrated in recipes for smoothies, muffins, sauces and all culinary creations of people on flexitarian and climatarian diets, our cricket powder will meet your protein and vitamin B12 needs.